Possibility Exploration

During our PRE-DESIGN & PROGRAMMING PHASE we will collaborate for one week on a private Pinterest board. Here we will be exploring all the possibilities for your space.

We start with a blank slate and can add as many wild, dreamy design ideas that we want. Let me see what your crème de la crème POWERHOUSE would look like and I'll add more images to magnify your vision. When we have completed this possibility exploration, I will capture the essence of what's possible and shape it into your mood board and design palette that we use to direct the project moving forward.

Here's a quick video explaining our collaboration.

Check out the guide to walk you through the process.

Pinterest Board

First, I'll send you an invite to our private board where we can both add pins. The more pins you add the better. You can add pins from around the web by following these instructions. Or, upload a pin directly from your computer if there is specific inspiration photo you want me to see.

Pinterest Sections
Pinterest Sections

I'll add sections to the board, for example sofa options, coffee table options, lighting options, etc., to keep us organized and on track. When saving a pin, be sure to select which section you want to save to, or for overall inspiration images you can save directly to the board.

Pinterest Reactions

You can add reactions to pins as quick way to let me know if you like the idea and want to see more like it.

Pinterest Comments

Add comments to pins to share your thoughts on what possibilities you really like or what you don't want to see more of. Comments are always private to our board and only we will be able to see them. Your feedback is so helpful and will lead us quickly to a concept for your mood board and design palette.

Pinterest Notes

We can also add notes to our board to track our progress and make lists of what we need to still research and source. Only we can see the Notes we add.

Pinterest Chat

Through the chat feature, we will be able to further discuss the project, ask me questions or check in during the week.

I can't wait to start exploring design possibilities with you! Book your service today.