Possibility Is Here and Now

The truth about possibility is that it is right here, right now. We dwell in possibility every day, yet some things tend to stay possibilities instead of becoming reality. Imagine you live in this dream house...

What would your daily life be like? What kind of person would you be if you lived here?

For me, I'd be a romantic. I'd wake from my super soft sheets to feed my cat just as the sun was rising. I'd open my long silky curtains to drink in the magnificent landscape and soak up the sunshine just for a moment. Then I'd gravitate towards my cozy meditation nook and settle in for a 30-minute mantra-based meditation.

Once my mind was crystal clear, I'd make my way to the bathroom to start my beauty regime taking care with each potion and ritual, everything I need at my fingertips. There's no need to rush in my dream world.

Now fully rejuvenated, I'd head to the kitchen to whip up a delicious plant-based breakfast, a blueberry smoothie filled with magic elixirs and spinach today. I'd sip the smoothie from my breakfast bar lingering over my journal deciding what my focus is for the day.

After I reset the kitchen, dishes away, I'd head to my spacious closet to select an outfit from my plush capsule wardrobe. I like things that are pret-a-porter (ready to wear) and tailored to my day. I adopt a uniform of sorts, very streamlined. Now that I'm dressed it's work time.

Working from my studio at home is a luxury for me. I glide into the sunlit room and slide open the window wall inviting the gentle breeze in. Next, I sink into my ultra comfortable task chair and flip open my laptop. I begin to address my to-do list composed during my last work session. Everything I need is in reach, order is king here and chaos is passé. Work from this space goes smooth.

Lunchtime arrives and I traipse back into the kitchen. The local produce box arrived on Tuesday and I know something juicy is waiting for me. I'm thinking of a fresh salad with pears paired with something I've batched cooked earlier in the week. The key for ease in my life is to pre prepare what I need when I have the luxury of time to do the prep. Once I have my meal system in place, I make sure I am equipped with the right tools in the right place. Plus, a pretty dish to plate my meals on. Simple luxuries.

I take my meal out onto the terrace and breathe in the beauty around me. Once I've finished, I come back in, reset the kitchen again and take a glass of ice cold lemon water back to my studio for my afternoon, high-powered work session. I'm in the flow, work gets done while stress melts at my feet. When I wrap up for the day, I feel a sense of pride in the work I accomplished.

Now it's time to reset my desk and create calm again for a fresh start tomorrow. I then switch into evening mode. I head to my closet to change into my workout clothes, prepped and waiting for me. I head down to my exercise space equipped with a tv I stream classes onto. I don't have to make any extra effort to get started, I'm on autopilot thanks to my space being primed for me and crank out my workout in high spirits.

Next, I shower under my soothing rain showerhead and slip into soft loungewear that I love to wear at the end of the day. I head to the terrace to unwind on the chaise and let my mind drift for a bit in the breeze. Once I'm ready to make dinner, I'll go in and tell Google to turn on my evening lights and lower the shades. Automation makes me happy. I'll cook what I've prepared ahead of time and eat a wonderful meal by candlelight. The evening feels sparkling and I'm free to do as I please for the rest of the night. Freedom is intoxicating, no?

Nighttime rituals follow and I enjoy the familiarity. My sumptuous bed calls me and I oblige willingly, dream day fulfilled.


I can see this in my imagination. The person I would be if I lived out my day like this in this gorgeous space...who I would become if I surrounded myself in this type of terroir.

We tend to rise to the occasion when the environment tells us to do so. It has the power to elevate us. Like when you go to a fancy hotel and you magically transform into the fancy version of yourself. Then you go home and the magic slowly wears off. Well, what if you could be that version of yourself at home too? And at work? And all day every day? Like it was your default.

The secret is to set up your environment in a way that elevates you to this person each day. You can become a highly efficient person today when you surround yourself with a high functioning space.

In other words, you don't have to wait to have this dream house to start living the dream life. You can start where you are now and begin to incorporate the elements of those special environments into your home right now. And this just so happens to be the aim of the PRIMED & REFINED principles of our POWERHOUSE design! By making small changes to the space we have now, we trigger big changes in our behavior that make dream life our everyday life.

To help you do this, read more about our POWERHOUSE ethos and our POWERHOUSE elixir.

Dwell Possible,

Claire xx