Powerhouse Ethos: Take What Works, Leave The Rest

Throughout my interior design experience, I've come across so many design styles, theories, trends, and philosophies. I have seen what worked and what didn't work. And I've wondered why do some things work and others not so much. Is there a universal design theory? Things that work for everyone. All the time. Is that even POSSIBLE? As a possibility explorer, I wanted to find out.

There is a more recent sector of design called, you guessed it, Universal Design. This refers to design that functions for the greatest extent of end users no matter what level of ability. So for elderly adults, it means selecting door levers instead of knobs that are easy to open if you have arthritis. Levers that look aesthetically cohesive and work just fine for younger people as well.

Or storing dishes in under-the-counter drawers instead of located in upper, harder to reach cabinets. The best universal features are seamlessly integrated into any design. It becomes invisible and yet, it is what makes the space function best for all. Universally.

That makes sense! As part of our Design Process, we delve into what your needs are and we can incorporate as many universal features as needed.

But what about a universal design philosophy regarding minimalism? Others would confute maximalism is the way to go.

This is where it gets tricky. The reason there are so many conflicting design theories and philosophies is exactly because there is not just ONE, universal way to design a space. So here is what we propose: Take what works and leave the rest.

Our job is to show you the array of what's possible, highlighting what's possible AND delivering what works best for your interior design needs.

Here's our take on what interior design POWERHOUSE principles work best:

  • PRIMED — A Primed space is one that optimizes function so that you and the habits you want to create are fully supported. These spaces are designed to be empowering and inherently motivate you to be your best. Want to set up a new morning routine? Prime your space to function specifically to make your ideal morning flawless. Your ideal day, seamless. Your ideal evening, effortless. Achieving one ideal day is great. How about living in a space designed to produce every day to be an ideal day? Yeah, that's what a PRIMED space is designed to do.

  • REFINED A Refined space is space that is distilled to the essentials. It's creating order by leaving the unnecessary behind. [Take what works and leave the rest! ] It's knowing what is necessary for the lifestyle you want to live and then inviting in only what supports that vision. This applies to everything that lives on your shelves and in your drawers as well as to revealing the ideal furniture arrangement needed in your living room. Having a refined home that has been edited and curated is the key to leading a refined life.

  • HIGH TOUCH A High Touch space caters to your creature comforts; your need to recharge in comfort and peace, beauty and delight. Interior beauty that mimics nature has a relaxing effect on the occupant. Delight in the form of art or the unexpected texture stimulates the senses whereas certain colors can soothe the senses. It's all about having the right balance for your desired life and when achieved, creates a lasting harmony that you carry with you wherever you go. A hidden superpower created simply by living in a High Touch POWERHOUSE.

Who knew? We do and now you do too.

Does this sounds like a home that would work best for the lifestyle you are looking to create? Good news! This is available for everyone and exactly what our interior design services are aimed to do. Let's discuss how we can make it possible for you! Request a project today.

Dwell Possible,