The Powerhouse Elixir: Why You Want To Hire Us

If you are looking to make changes to your lifestyle and routine, the design of your home is the best place to start. Our built environment has the power to impact our behavior; behavior that influences our ability to max out our human potential.

When choosing to design your space, we know it’s not just about a new sofa, but rather the feeling of living in a space that improves your life. This is what defines our interior design approach- crafting environments that feel empowering to you.

We're basically mixologists. Tell us how you want to feel empowered in your space and we will craft you an elixir of design possibilities that evoke those feelings. Your walls become the martini glass to our concoction, a brew that you get to imbibe every day.

Day by day, you become intoxicated on this way of living and start to notice you are carrying the cocktail around wherever you go. Its effervescent nature bubbles up during your meetings and dates, at lunch, and at the gym. People notice something is different about you.

You have that 'je ne sais quoi' that is quite alluring, yet what has changed? It all comes down to the environment you surround yourself in. Your personal terroir. The elixir we poured into your POWERHOUSE.

Our POWERHOUSE elixir is potent! Let it be your secret ingredient to creating change and elevating yourself to your peak potential.


Infused with POSSIBILITY, we design POWERHOUSE spaces that are PRIMED, REFINED, and HIGH TOUCH to enhance your behaviors and support your ideal lifestyle.

Here’s what we infuse into what we do:

1. Possibilities – We really do dwell in possibilities and want to share our expansive design knowledge with you. During our Possibility Exploration on Pinterest we take the time to immerse you in what feels best to you and where you could see yourself living. This vision is what we then pursue throughout the rest of the project.

2. Transparency – We want you to be in the know every step of the way. From your first visit to our website to project launch, we provide you with a detailed look at how our design process works, how long we expect it to take and how much it could cost. We offer flat design fees as well as provide a sample budget to help you gauge your entire investment. You can download the sample budget guide here on our homepage.

At any point, we want you to understand how we will create your dream POWERHOUSE with our e-design services. Please reach out if anything is unclear.

3. Conscientiousness – We take care with our work and pay attention to the details. As expert problem solvers, we know the right steps to take to get the job done. We will work diligently throughout your project to maintain scope adherence and budget adherence and will be your best advocate throughout this process.

4. Listening – To create the best concoction for you by working virtually, we have developed excellent listening skills. We will listen to what you say and want to be sure we understand you and your wishes before moving forward. We love your feedback and are always open to changes. We hear you.

5. Culture of Hospitality – Everyone is soignee, meaning we treat everyone as a V.I.P. Our signature e-design experience offered with each service aims to create many high-touch opportunities to get to know you and your special sauce so that we can create the best POWERHOUSE elixir customized to your needs.

6. Enthusiasm – We are a joy to work with! Our positivity and high spirits are contagious, spilling over into everything we do. Kind of like our POWERHOUSE elixir! We aim to make it a pleasure to work with us and we can’t wait to work with you.

Hire us to craft your own POWERHOUSE elixir and let the transformation begin. Book a package today!

Dwell Possible,

Claire xx