The Prelude: Start Here

Before you begin your design project consider this checklist:

▢ Determine your timeline. When do you want to start your project and when do you ideally want to be completed by?

▢ Determine your budget. Download the sample budget worksheet on our home page to help you.

▢ Discover what changes you want to make in your space and why you want to redesign. Is it too cramped, too dark, outdated, or not functioning for you? Make a note of all your pain points so we can address them in your design solution.

▢ Similarly, describe how you want to feel in your space. Open and expansive? High functioning and efficient? Dark and moody? Bright and cheery? Empowered? We can create a design that evokes these feelings.

▢ Make a list of all the furniture pieces you wish to incorporate for each space. It can be as simple as Living Room: sofa, chaise, two chairs, coffee table, one ottoman, mirror, bookshelf. This will help you determine your budget and identifies the scope for space planning a highly functional layout.

▢ Remove any furniture or décor pieces that aren't staying in your space. Relocate them to another area of your house or donate them. In order to prime your space, we can help you decide what will work best where, but this is an initial assessment of things you know will go.

▢ Declutter your space. It's best to start with a blank slate. Any items that remain signal to me to incorporate them into the new design so remove what's not essential.

▢ Determine how much storage you require. If you don't have enough space for the essentials that is something we can address in your design.

▢ Take an inventory of your art collection. As we refine your space we may rearrange art between rooms or identify where you could use something new.

▢ Make note of any special collections that you wish to prominently display. Do you wish you had more space or storage for these?

▢ For Kitchens and Baths, determine your functional and aesthetic needs. Start with what's working in your current space and what you would want to improve.

▢ Take photos of your space capturing each view from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Also take photos of any existing furnishings or décor you wish to keep in the space.

▢ Take measurements of your space. Using a blank sheet of paper, make a rough outline of your space noting any doors and the direction they swing, windows, nooks or other focal design features. Make note of any locations of electrical outlets or light switches. Then, work around the room and begin to measure each line in inches. Also take note of the ceiling heights and window heights. If there are any existing furniture, rugs, lamps, or décor you wish to keep, also include their length, depth and width measurements for each item. Scan it and send to me and I'll review along with the photos you send and let you know what other details I need.


▢ Sign up for Pinterest to be ready for our Possibility Exploration. Start saving inspiration images to share with me in our questionnaire.

▢ Gather all your questions that you may have for us and we will discuss them through direct messaging in your dashboard.

Ready to begin? I look forward for you to dwell in possibility. Book a service now.