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Palette Cleanser 

The Prelude to Design

Our palette cleansing Room Detox is an in-person organizing service to clear and prep your space to prepare for a design service or as a service on its own. We all need decluttering and purging as we look to enhance our lives. Let me help you with that process. 


Start with our questionnaire and I'll reach out to you to schedule a consult. We begin with an in-person tour of your space as you describe the areas you need to declutter.  I will then offer solutions and come up with a game plan of how to execute over a series of organizing sessions. (min 3 hours at a time).


We will start with a blank slate, removing all items from the space and sorting them by category.  We see what we are working with and now we edit. Decide to keep a curated capsule of only the best of the best. This applies to everything from clothes and shoes, to forks, and cleaning supplies. We only want to keep things that support the best identity you want to have of yourself.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. As we refine, we peel back the real way you want to exist in your space and life. As it becomes clear what's staying, I'll set up new zones to house your belongings and determine if we need to either re-configure storage containers you already own or purchase new ones and install them. 

Seeing your new space primed and functioning in a new way is so encouraging and will help you retrain your habits and way of interacting with your home. When your space changes, so do you. Organizing is a simple way to upgrade and transform your daily life with luxurious ease. 



My current service area is Manhattan in New York. If you are outside this area but know we are meant to work together, please contact me to discuss how to make it happen.  My current rate is $125/hour. The first consult is booked for 1 hour. All future sessions are booked for a minimum of 3-hour sessions at a time. 

Ready to start? Fill out our organizing questionnaire and I will be in touch to schedule a consult.

Image by piotr szulawski

Have any questions? Let's talk! 646-828-1714 or

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